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Are you looking for complete client/guest satisfaction?

IPTV Dubai can provide the following services, in HIGH DEFINITION, across multiple TVs within a Hotel, Hospital, or Resort. It can also be provided via standard network cables forming an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

  • Free-to-air broadcasts & Channels
  • Video on Demand Services
  • Information channels within the company
  • Digital Signage
  • Internet access for guests (wired or wireless)


Hotel TV System

IPTV Systems provides entertainment and access to services for a wide range of commercial sectors, including Hospitality, Medical, and Education. They are an excellent solution for anyone who wants to achieve world-class status while giving guests and occupants an unforgettable experience. It is an excellent choice for anyone who values flexibility and intends to provide a richer experience for their guests. IPTV Dubai’s IPTV solution is fully integrated with various reservation, payment, and maintenance systems.

Our system user interface is fully customizable according to the client branding guidelines. IPTV Dubai offers the hotel operator the most flexible and cost-effective way to increase the level of entertainment for guests. It also provides unprecedented opportunities to upsell or cross-sell. IPTV Dubai End-to-End Hospitality IPTV system will upgrade any hotel, apartment complex, cruise ship, or hospital.

  • Full HD Live TV Channels
  • Full HD via cable or WiFi connectivity.
  • Full HD on mobile devices and tablets
  • Electronic Program Guide ( EPG )

Our IPTV system is designed to provide a comprehensive range of hotel services that are visually appealing to guests. This will reduce the number of calls to the hotel’s reception desk, housekeeping Desk, and other service areas.

IPTV Dubai Services

We offer cost-effective solutions with our vast experience in IPTV. IPTV Dubai offers IPTV design and deployment services to help you remain competitive in the changing hospitality industry. Our services include the network layer and middleware, as well as the integration of video subsystems.

Digital Signage and Informative Display Solutions

Datavox’s sleek digital display solutions will simplify your message and cut through the clutter. Video and sound can dynamically display information, making your message and investment more effective. Our web-based, user-friendly solution allows you to instantly change information alerts, last-minute offers, and admission prices.

Our information display solution is ENHANCE Campus Safety and ENCOURAGE School Spirit. Every school and university needs good communication to function effectively. Old-fashioned signs with changeable plastic letters are no longer practical. Indoor and outdoor LED signage is more attractive and easier to read. It has a 10+ year lifespan and is brighter. It is proven that their brightness and animation attract attention and create awareness.

  • Inform parents, teachers, and students at all times
  • Make people aware of upcoming events.
  • Inform people about weather warnings and safety alerts.
  • Announce any changes to the schedule or cancellations of classes.
  • Promoting student sports, activities, and achievements is a great way to encourage them.
  • Advertise school fairs, fundraising events, and other fundraisers.
  • Promote school activities on campus and in the community.

IPTV Dubai

The 21st Century is experiencing rapid changes in the media industry due to technological advancements and changing consumption habits. There is almost no dividing line anymore between media content creators and consumers. As the broadcasting and entertainment industries evolve, service providers choose new ways to reach spectators despite changes in viewing habits. Broadband links, whether wired or wireless and access devices are the conduits for digital content distribution. The communication and entertainment sector is revolutionized by bringing new distribution forms like mobile distribution, entertainment news, and diverse content to consumers wherever they are.

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, has been a significant factor in the growth of this trend. IPTV has enabled telecom companies to enter the world of video entertainment. The development has shattered the traditional barriers in the communications and entertainment industries. Digital technology is to thank! The convergence of new technologies has improved how consumers perceive visual and audio content.

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