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IPTV Box Blocked: Streaming Issue

IPTV Box Streaming Issue

You should know that IPTV box cannot be blocked (no matter what country your VPN router is set to) by ISPs, etc. If you live in the UK, we recommend selecting a UK VPN location unless your IPTV provider or ISP specifically requires a non-UK location.

If your IPTV box device is correctly connected to the VPN Router via Ethernet Cable or WiFi, it will be protected by an encrypted VPN and, therefore, cannot be logged or throttled.

  • Is the VPN Router connected to your IPTV Device? Many customers do not understand the connection and do not connect their IPTV box devices to their ISP routers (Virgin BT Sky TalkTalk, TalkTalk, etc.). To run a VPN through your IPTV device, it must be connected to the VPN Router.
  • How can I verify that my IPTV device has been connected correctly? Most devices you connect using WiFi (UK WIFI-XXXX) or Ethernet cables to one of the spare ports in the VPN Router should receive an IP address automatically (DHCP) from the VPN Router. 172.20.1.XXX). If you use DHCP on devices such as Smart TV or Zgemma, manually entering network settings may be necessary.
  • What country should my VPN router be set to for IPTV? Since none of our VPN networks are blocked for IPTV box, we suggest using the country closest to you or your current location. There is a common misconception that UK users must have a non-UK address to bypass ISP restrictions. To change the country on your VPN router, please log in, pick the country you wish from the “Payment Wallet,” and press “Update.” After updating, we recommend rebooting your VPN Router.
  • Why is my IPTV still not working? You should contact your provider and let them know you’re using a VPN. Some providers require VPN-based IP addresses to be registered. If an IPTV provider notices multiple users connecting from the same IP address, they will block it. This is done to prevent people from sharing their IPTV login information.
  • Important – IPTV devices connected to VPN networks cannot be blocked by any ISP. It’s only natural to conclude that the problem relates to how IPTV companies handle VPNs.
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