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Judgment against illegal IPTV böter services

IPTV böter services

A man from the West Coast has been sentenced today for his involvement with the illegal Smart iptv böter services. The indictment contained many pieces of evidence, including pictures and emails, which showed the convict’s involvement.

Smart IPTV, a mid-sized service with thousands of TV and movie channels, was available. The man’s crime was estimated to carry a three-month prison sentence, but the court gave him a suspended jail term and fine. We are happy that an illegal IPTV service is no longer available and that the people behind it are punished for their crimes. The penalties are far too low.
Illegal IPTV poses a severe problem. Illegal IPTV is a significant problem that affects the film and TV industries and society as a whole. Mediavision estimates that 380,000 Swedish households (9%) are paying for illegal IPTV. Mediavision estimates that 380,000 households (9%) in Sweden pay for unlawful IPTV services.

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