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A man is IPTV jailed after selling online access to television football.

IPTV jailed after selling online

A man was iptv jailed for making tens and thousands of pounds by selling illegal subscriptions to online football matches.

Paul Merrell must also pay PS91,243 back to Birmingham Crown Court after the court issued a confiscation warrant against him.

In a hearing held on Friday, it was revealed that he had made a substantial amount of money from illegal Premier League streams using the name “Media Maverick.”

His operation used Internet Protocol Television (IPTV jailed), which allows movies and programs to be distributed over broadband. Illicit pre-loaded boxes are now available on the black market, prompting the authorities to crack down.

Merrell from Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, has been convicted for copyright crimes that occurred between 2017 and 2021.

The investigation was conducted by Birmingham City Council’s Trading Standards Department and the Federation Against Copyright Theft.

Merrell customers could stream premium content online, including Premier League games.

The court also listed Merrell as a reseller for Flawless, an infamous TV fraud group.

Five of the ringleaders have been jailed since May last year. They ran an operation that received more than PS7m in subscription fees from 50,000 subscribers.

Kieron Sharp, CEO of Fact, said that Merrell’s conviction sends a clear signal to those who illegally sell IPTV jailed content.

He said: “We will continue to protect the rights of those in the audiovisual and sports industries, and we will pursue and prosecute anyone involved in criminal activity.”

Tony Quigley is the head of Birmingham City Council’s trading standards. He said, “Anyone thinking they can get by with illegal streaming subscription channels or pay-per-view events should be careful—you could face a prison term and a heavy fine next time.”

The Premier League pays Fact for an investigation and enforcement of its copyright on football content.

Kevin Plumb said that the league would continue to pursue illegal streaming operators.

He said that the Premier League’s financial contribution is made possible by the sale of our broadcasting rights.

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